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I erased  a really good blog 

Only I can erase a really good blog by accident. 

It Kind of went like this(erased blog was so much better)


I’m a reader and a thinker. I read comments this morning that I did not know I even had. Lol. Most were good some were not great (but I appreciate the criticism) some were in different languages. 

I have always ranted and rambled but never in writing. This blog is to help me remember what I have read and remind me that I enjoyed reading the books that I have read.  I READ ALOT. I don’t know if any of my followers realized that yet. 

As my son turns 11 years old next month I realize he has the same issue. He reads and reads and understands everything he reads. And when you ask him about his reading he can tell a story like no other. Problem is just like me he cannot explain things on paper. Our writing does not express what we have read. 

So this blog was to help me explain stories I have read and to try to explain why I like/unlike the books I read. This is not a blog to give spoilers or even meant to be read by others. I made this blog for me and family and friends to explain what I am reading. 

I am overjoyed that people other than family are taking the time to read my entries. And I really do love the comments even if some are very harsh. 

Please keep in mind this was to show my son that anything is possible. That there are outlets to help you with your issues in life. Even if it’s just me ranting about the nothingness going on. I’m writing on a regular basis and maybe one day I will be able to write a book. But for now I love reading and thinking. 
If anybody wants a good read. 

Kristina Weaver box sets are free on Amazon kindle. Hot and Sexy if you read previous blogs. 

Ella Miles has streetteam.ellamiles.com which allows you to read her stories before going live. 

Last but not least

HM Ward is my favorite writer and her stories are out of this world. Any thing written of Ferro can melt your panties. 

Enjoy your weekend.