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Reaper’s Claim by Simone Elise

Inkett’s David Jolly has emailed me again regarding another Arc. 

Remember “I was a bitch”. Read it a few months ago. It started off well but then sank like the TITANIC. Jolly sent me a pack of skittles just because I reviewed honestly. Who could say no to colorful yumminess.  So with that I agreed to read this Reaper Claim. 

I’m a motorcycle bitch at the end of each day. I have my own pink cut to prove it.  So this story would be interesting just to read. 

Well well well. I am 75% into this book and the story is amazing!! Love hate death. I can’t put it down. I actually had to put myself on a time out. 

Abby and Kim are twins to Roach Satan Son’s President. They grew up in the biker life. So it only means there will be trouble. And trouble there is. The twins fall hard for club members. Abby with the Reaper aka Kade. Kim with Trigger. 

This story really is about Abby and Kade. Their back and forth with one another.  But it feel so real. Any body that have truly be in love could feel and understand what these 2 lost souls are going through. 

I really won’t spoil this book. But at about 75% I was literally crying  Took a day to recover.  I had to finish reading it. 

Finally finished! Great book. With no complete ending. Which makes you want more. Simone Elise what a great book. Hope the next book come soon. Need more of Kade and Abby. 

I am recommending this book. Only faults in it was the editing. Can somebody please edit this damn book. Trent went to Brent early on into the book. Lots of grammical and spelling errors also. Drove me nuts

Also,I believe this can be a series kind of thing instead of one long 101 chapter kind of book. Break in down to 3/4 books. We would buy the series regardless. But with everything going on in the same story it would be easier to read a book at a time.