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MAYBE….Definitely YES!!!

This morning I finished DEFINITELY YES by Ella Miles, and all I can say is YES YES AND MORE YES.

About a month ago I got an email from Ella asking if I can read and review one of her series. She got my information on Amazon from reviewing other books from other authors. I figured why not. I read a lot as is. Why not read a free book? Of course I emailed her and let her know that I was in the process of reading another author but as soon as I was done I would read her MAYBE SERIES.

Well I finally got to start to read her series and fell in love with Kinsley and Killian. These two main characters had so much to them I couldn’t stop reading. As I reviewed all three stories from the series I realized, I didn’t want the book to end. I emailed and joined her https://streetteam.ellamiles.com/users/sign_in website. To my surprise she sent me another Arc. And it wasn’t just any Arc Kinsley would be in the story.


It is set 10 years after Maybe series. And Kinsley best friend is the Main character, Scarlett. Scarlett is feisty and successful in her own right. She owns her own business for fashion and is a workaholic. She spends her nights at a bar looking for one night stands.

When she receives a text from an unknown number that has her intrigued. She has no clue who he is but she’s not gonna bother with the details. She wants the one night stand and there’s nothing that is going to stop her. Not even if she will never know who this mystery man is. “Beast” is what she will call him and he will sexually take her as a Beast.

All she can think about is her “beast”, but she is now hearing her maternal clock tick. She want to settle down and start a family. This is where Jake comes in. He happens to be an old boyfriend. Scarlett knows she can not be with “beast” so she settles for Jake who proposes 3 days in. And of course Scarlett’s clock is saying YES.

You could only imagine how everything turns out. You would never guess who the Beast is. Definitely one of my top reads. November is coming too slow. I need to read the second book to this series. “Clapping” GREAT JOB intertwining Maybe and Definitely series.