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Kristina Weaver to past the time

Needed an easy read to pass the time away between ARC’s. Went through Amazon collection and came upon THE NAUGHTY ONE: The complete 5 Book series. 

I will REPEAT I just wanted an EASY READ. 

BUT……Kristina Weaver gave me so much more. 

Let me first tell you it is so-sexy and hot I needed to read all of these stories after the first story came to an end. 

WHY you ask?

The stories are based on 5 friends. Callie, Lucie, Dot, Percy and my favorite India. Each one has their own sex fueled love affair. They have been friends since elementary school and each have had their own issues growing up. Raised by Callie’s grandma Gruffy (I wish my own grandma was this freaking cool)

First let’s start with Callie since her book is first. One night stand and a YouTube video. The woman ends up pregnant. Yup all because of a one night stand. Will she get the man. Oh yes. Jack will be with her in no time. 

Lucie and Freddie definitely a match and quadruplets later. 

My poor Dot. Has to get her man Paul who has a house in Wyoming.  She a rock star and makes sure her cowboy is in the rodeo. (Not literally) but she definitely love to ride his horseūüėú. 

Percy has a love from her past Markus. She has 5 different guys for everyday of the week. When she realizes all she wants is this man. Who she believes has abandon her in college. 

India. My poor beautiful India. Woody doesn’t even realize she exists. Until she makes it hard for him to live with out her. 

Sex in all 5 books is hot. Makes you throb a little while reading. Making me feel a little Naughty myself. Wish I could write my own Naughty book. Would definitely have a few stories of my own Naughty click. Changing names would be easy but would Angelise, Melanie, Dana and Lisa like me to write about there sex and love life.

It would be a best seller. I’d call it:



If you have a Naughty in you or even know a Naughty this is a must read.