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New and old favorite writers

In the last week or so it been very eventful. 

Another Arc, of course! If you you read my blog you know how much I love reading FREE books. Good or bad. 
We will start with a new writer that I just enjoyed reading so much, Rita Stradling. Her book Making Bad Choices was oh so worth it. 

At 15, Cassie hates her stepbrother Culter (I kept reading Cutler) lol. But it is Culter. After Culter had been banned from being around Cassie for a few years and her mother dying from cancer. She will have to move from LA to Bulvin Colorado to live with her Dad and his wife and of course Culter. She has to not only live with her stepbrother but also go to the same school.  Culter is not the jerk she once remembers.  This is definitely a great read a lot of great twists. Easy read you will be surprised. 
Now for my highlight of the week it only took forever to come out. The last installment of H.M. Ward’s The Arrangement. OMG OMG. 

I have been addicted to Avery and Sean’s story the last few years. This was an end to one of the best loves story this decade. Even if I gave you a summary of this book, it wouldn’t do justice to this series, and probably just ruin it. Now I will just have to wait to see if this gets turned into a movie. (Fingers crossed)  

Until then Xpresso, Inkett and Netgalley have me busy reading books. Guess you will have to get my next blog to see what I’ve read. ✌🏼