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just me on a rant

Ella gave me TOO MUCH

Another successful story!! sent me another Arc. 

Oh what a great experience as usual. This time was different!!

 Does anybody remember the 2000 movie Momento starring Guy Pearce and Carrie-Anne Moss. The end of the story was in the beginning and the beginning was at the end. It was a pure mind fuck, and yet so satisfying to watch. 

This is like the same. The story starts from the present. Then unfolds backwards. As I read this story it just amazed me how everything connected so perfectly. 

I am wondering if Ms Ella wrote the end first and the beginning last or Visa Versa. 

Quinn and Hunter are far from your usually characters that are just plain sexy and get together. They have so much back story that it melts your heart. 

Definitely a recommended book. 

Whiskey Burned

Blizzard of 2017, got a new Arc from Jessalyn Jameson. Needed a new read while waiting for the storm to end. 

Ehh, thank god it was just an arc. As much as I loved the back story of Jake and TB. I was expecting a lot more sex. Well it is in an eroctica romance. And yet I had to wait until the very end to get an extremely great sex scene. The stupid monologue in between sex I couldn’t bare any longer. 

I couldn’t wait for this book to end. The romance of it was thoughtful. I enjoyed reading most of the drama that was going between the characters.  Just the over the top jealously issues Jake had with his closest friends was annoying.

Love makes people do the darnest  things.   Falling in love with your dead best friends little sister I get. Being a dick to your other alive best friend not so much. 

What the hell was with the damn whiskey. Was she taking shots of to prepare herself for Jake. Smh. 

I have to give Jessalyn another shot. Hopefully her next book will be a better read. 

I am a thinker not a writer 

Today I just check my comments  good, bad, ugly and the non English comments.

I didn’t even realize people were actually reading my blog. Haha. Jokes on me!

I appreciate all the comments. I just need to let some readers know:


I am a thinker and a reader. This blog is not to dissect a book. That would give up the chance for others to actually read the material I have wrote about. I do get over excited at times. A slip of the tongue (some would say) to give a little more details, but I write to recommend.  Not to spoil the whole book for actual readers.

This blog is only about my thoughts on what I’m reading. Or a once in awhile rant about everyday things.

With that being said

Kristina Weaver is on my Hot to read list. Amazon has most of her series for free. You can get a 5 book series for $0. Who doesn’t love a free book. (Not an advertisement 😂)

Next entry will be about Lane brothers.

Link above will have you reading what I am reading for a few day.


I erased  a really good blog 

Only I can erase a really good blog by accident. 

It Kind of went like this(erased blog was so much better)


I’m a reader and a thinker. I read comments this morning that I did not know I even had. Lol. Most were good some were not great (but I appreciate the criticism) some were in different languages. 

I have always ranted and rambled but never in writing. This blog is to help me remember what I have read and remind me that I enjoyed reading the books that I have read.  I READ ALOT. I don’t know if any of my followers realized that yet. 

As my son turns 11 years old next month I realize he has the same issue. He reads and reads and understands everything he reads. And when you ask him about his reading he can tell a story like no other. Problem is just like me he cannot explain things on paper. Our writing does not express what we have read. 

So this blog was to help me explain stories I have read and to try to explain why I like/unlike the books I read. This is not a blog to give spoilers or even meant to be read by others. I made this blog for me and family and friends to explain what I am reading. 

I am overjoyed that people other than family are taking the time to read my entries. And I really do love the comments even if some are very harsh. 

Please keep in mind this was to show my son that anything is possible. That there are outlets to help you with your issues in life. Even if it’s just me ranting about the nothingness going on. I’m writing on a regular basis and maybe one day I will be able to write a book. But for now I love reading and thinking. 
If anybody wants a good read. 

Kristina Weaver box sets are free on Amazon kindle. Hot and Sexy if you read previous blogs. 

Ella Miles has which allows you to read her stories before going live. 

Last but not least

HM Ward is my favorite writer and her stories are out of this world. Any thing written of Ferro can melt your panties. 

Enjoy your weekend.


Kristina Weaver to past the time

Needed an easy read to pass the time away between ARC’s. Went through Amazon collection and came upon THE NAUGHTY ONE: The complete 5 Book series. 

I will REPEAT I just wanted an EASY READ. 

BUT……Kristina Weaver gave me so much more. 

Let me first tell you it is so-sexy and hot I needed to read all of these stories after the first story came to an end. 

WHY you ask?

The stories are based on 5 friends. Callie, Lucie, Dot, Percy and my favorite India. Each one has their own sex fueled love affair. They have been friends since elementary school and each have had their own issues growing up. Raised by Callie’s grandma Gruffy (I wish my own grandma was this freaking cool)

First let’s start with Callie since her book is first. One night stand and a YouTube video. The woman ends up pregnant. Yup all because of a one night stand. Will she get the man. Oh yes. Jack will be with her in no time. 

Lucie and Freddie definitely a match and quadruplets later. 

My poor Dot. Has to get her man Paul who has a house in Wyoming.  She a rock star and makes sure her cowboy is in the rodeo. (Not literally) but she definitely love to ride his horse😜. 

Percy has a love from her past Markus. She has 5 different guys for everyday of the week. When she realizes all she wants is this man. Who she believes has abandon her in college. 

India. My poor beautiful India. Woody doesn’t even realize she exists. Until she makes it hard for him to live with out her. 

Sex in all 5 books is hot. Makes you throb a little while reading. Making me feel a little Naughty myself. Wish I could write my own Naughty book. Would definitely have a few stories of my own Naughty click. Changing names would be easy but would Angelise, Melanie, Dana and Lisa like me to write about there sex and love life.

It would be a best seller. I’d call it:



If you have a Naughty in you or even know a Naughty this is a must read. 

10 yrs later and I’m on mass transit

It’s been about 10 years I have taken any kind of mass transit. I moved to an area in Staten Island which had every bus imaginable near it. When I moved back I wanted to make sure I could get up and go with ease. 

When I was pregnant with my son I would take the express bus back and forth to work. A quick 30 minute ride into the city with no hassle. 

After having my son, lugging a stroller and car seat on to a crowded bus didn’t have the same appeal. So I got a car! Her name was Lola. Thinking about it now I really loved that name. My chiuhuha has been named Lola and I hadn’t had that damn car in 5 years. 

Traffic in New York is bad enough but to drive in it, is so much worse. A 25 minute ride usually can take up to 2 hrs on a regular school day. On a good day about an hour. Coming home at my 12:30, takes only 25 minutes door to door. After 3:00pm could take about an hour. 


This week I am having car trouble. So because it is 6:30 am I have to walk down the block(which is only a few, but at 53 degrees feels a lot colder) to purchase a metro card. 

What ever happen to putting coins in the box. So outdated!! Who would have $6.50 in change lying around. Not me! 

I got exited as I wait for the bus. I get to sit back and read or write on a blog. Which I chose the latter as you see. I’m not worried about traffic or people cutting me off. I think I might just go back to not having to worry. This is so much better. 

Everybody is in there own little world. Not like on a regular city local bus. Which high school kids can be loud and annoying. Everybody reading or listening to music. 

I remember feeling good going to work before my car. Having no worries in a world. I might just have to let this soak in for a few days. At least while my car is getting fixed. 

Friday NEVER feel like the end of the week. So lets Rant about Millennials.

I just spent my week working at a job that I have been at for 15 years. I have the best boss and co-workers anybody would be happy to work with. Unfortunately, we have lost 2 employees, both that  made my job a lot easier.  So another co-worker and I have been interviewing and training for the last 2 weeks.

“OH WHAT FUN!”(sarcastically excited)

Not really, from this experience I realize there is a huge difference in Gen X and Millennials, my coworker and I are from Gen X.  Not to give up our ages lets just say we were born somewhere between 1965 to 1984. The ages that have been looking for positions are born after 1991.

I like to think that I am pretty relevant when it comes to knowing music, movies and I can keep up with social media. of course my son doesn’t want to admit I am as cool as I am. HAHA. Then I remember how I felt about my MOM when I was growing up. She used to embarrass us. She even tried using the slang that was used back then,  like “BUTTA” but sounding like she was saying “BUDDAH”.

So while talking to these millennials I realize they are socially inept. They can answer questions because they are highly intelligent, but they don’t know how to carry a conversation.  I am pretty sure it has to do with the fact,  that young adults and kids text or talk on social media.  They rarely have to hold a conversation with others due to this technology (phones and computers. ) Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat make it so easy that all we have to do is take a picture or post what tehy ate today.

What would really happen if the world went dark. How would these millennials make it in the world with out some app telling what time a bus would come? What would they do if they couldn’t send a text to breakup with their boyfriend/girlfriend?  How would they research WWII with out Wikipedia? Do these kids even know what an encyclopedia is?

In the next 20 years what else will be irrelevant? I am guessing my BLOG. HAHAHAHA



Omg it only took me ALLLLL day to set up

Woke up this morning with a hundred things running through my mind. Should I blog should I not? Who wants to read another person on the internet giving opinions or their thoughts on life. Not to mention all the celebrity gossip. Like OMG KIM got robbed and tied up, maybe the hotel set it up. I know! Sounds stupid to me too.

What I did realize I READ ALOT. I mean I really read. I love to read. And recently I have had authors emailing me to read there books and give an honest review for Amazon. So of course I accepted. As I am a really good speed reader I can also find mistake easier than most. Problem is once I read,I don’t stop and by the time I am finish with the book I have to review which ends up being a few sentences long oppose to what I have read in 2/3 days.  You know the basic sum up.

Authors such as HM Ward, Ella Miles and Amanda Hocking need our reviews for other readers to want to read their books.  My reviews have been dull which is weird because I really enjoy books.


As a young girl my reading wasn’t as it was today I couldn’t keep the information in my head long enough to answer the questions that came after. School test in elementary school I remember reading over and over and still not being able to understand what I was reading.  As I went to high school I had a teacher explain that when I read I need to picture it in my head as if it was a movie I was watching. She handed me a Mary Higgins Clark book and I was hooked.


Okay okay, when I read in high school as soon as I finished reading for that day I had to summarize ALL that I had read everyday no matter what. By the time I finished reading the book I had a full book report.

Some people were blessed with Awesome writing abilities. Me not so much.

So this blog is for ME! I love to read I love the stories. I love these authors who trust me to read and review their books(which are their souls on paper) I want to give them the same by blogging the chapters that I read on a daily basis. They deserve a real review not a lame few sentences cause I can’t remember ALL THE DETAILS from nights before.

Love me or leave me. This is something I needed to do.


Thank you for reading my first official rant. I am a blogger (dancing up and down) woohoo