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H.M. Ward ARC’s are amazing! (No spoilers)

Got a new arc from one of my favorite authors. I love that H.M. Ward, connects with her fans. Her ARC’s  are not just to an early releases of her books. But she lets her ARC reader help with her last minute edits. She is a facebook queen. Over the last few months I have joined her groups and chatted with mostly ladies that have the same love of her work. 

With all the ARC’s I have been getting from her you would think I wouldn’t purchase her books when they came available. That’s just it, I love seeing the new edits. I love purchasing her signed copies.  I love that she is human and she can chat with us  like she wasn’t on the 

New York Times best selling list

 Over the last few  years of reading every one of her stories I think she is amazing. All women in her stories are strong and all the men are Hot. Either it is a stand alone or a series you are reading. You will not want to put it down. 

As I finish my last arc from this amazing author. It just reminds me why I love her. 

Swear the end sucked

Finally finished the last installment of Amanda Hocking my blood approve series. 

What a disappointment!!!

I really just hoped I outgrew her writing. I remember loving all her stories so much. But rereading the series it just bothered me more to read it. 

This last book just dragged and the editing was horrible. I think she needs to do arcs for her fans because I think she would get a lot of input from us. 

Jack has no soul, Elise haunting Alice’s dreams and Dracula. Ugh so much going on. I just wished Peter had a better story line. Not to mention HE KILLED HIMSELF.

Hocking just wanted an end to the series and so did I. That’s what makes it worse. There was no real thought for then. And having to wait so long to get I thought she would of left it with a BANG!

The story concept in the first few books were good. Blood bonding between Alice and Peter. And her wanting to be with jack. It made a good story. If we would of found out that Jack was blood bond to someone else in the last book. That would of made a great story. 

I was gonna reread all her series and even purchase her next book FREAKS. But I’m so disappointed that I have to give up on Amanda. Maybe someday I will read the other series but for now, She’s on time out.  

Catching up to Amanda

Waiting for the last book of the My Blood Approves series from Amanda Hocking was a pretty fast one. I got to catch up on the series this week and finally finished the 4 first books. 

I remember the story being a lot better than it really is. I’m guessing years of reading other authors such as HM Ward, MS Cooper and Londyn Casey my interests have change. Not that I LOVE erotica but this is the age that everybody is having HOT SWEATY SEX. 

Amanda Hocking is wonderful as a paranormal writer and my 16yr old nieces would love her writing. I’m about to be 40 yrs old. I need more than just love and fate to get me interested. 


Milo (Alice brother) ends up becoming a vampire. Jacks shut Alice out because he needs to train Milo. Peter is gone he ups and leaves. Jane(Alice best friend) is a blood whore. Alice turn into a Vampire. Mae turns her great grand daughter into a vampire( she’s only 5). Jane is murdered. Alice ends up being a vampire hunter. 


Peter tries to get himself killed. Alice and Ezra saves his live. They meet a few LYCAN ( even though we all know that’s a werewolf, in the series ends up being dirty Vampire that are savages) fight and kill the LYCAN. But one of them Lief ends up saving all of them from Being killed. Lief ends up hanging around. Towards the 4 book you going out he’s Milo and Alice’s Real Father.

In the meantime, Mae and Ezra end up splitting up because Mae decision to turn Daisy(great granddaughter). But the child is only 5yrs old. She can’t control her bloodlust or anything else. Peter help Mae with this Vampire Child. 

Alice is now trying to find Janes murderer. Is it a human or Vampire who has killed her? Alice end up lying to Jack about what she is really doing. Which the break up? 


You would think this is the best time Peter sweeps in and talks his true bonded love(Alice). Nope he’s the bigger man and  still let’s Jack make up for everything
I am so hoping Peter and Alice get together. 

By the end of book. Daisy is dead. Janes murderer is Dead. A few vampire hunters are Dead. Ezra and Mae are working things out. Jack and Alice are working things out. Milo and Bobby are stronger than ever. And my poor Peter still doesn’t have the Girl 😏. 

Book 5 in a few days. Let’s see how Ms Hocking will wrap this up. 


Happy Monday with a little bit of Hocking

So quite a few years back, True Blood, Twilight, Vampire diaries or really anything Vampire was a what most people were reading or watching. Ages from Tweens to people in there 40’s that was the kind of time we were living in. 

The stories are always the same, Hot vampire guy and normal human girl. They fall in love and usually(not Always,Snooki was a fairy) the girl was turned to a vampire eventually of course. 

So as I have some time to read a few of my older books, I figured why not go back to reading Amanda Hocking. She was my first real paranormal writer that I loved. And since she has a new book coming out for My blood approves, I figured I would reread the series as a refresher course before the new book comes out. 

As I settle in to read, I remember some of the story and the characters. But I really don’t remember the little details. 

Alice -17 yr old high school student brother is Milo. Jane happens to be her chatty, slutty best friend.  Alice and Jane try to get into clubs and when they can’t they call it a night. As they walk onto the dark streets of Minneapolis they are being chased by a group of guys. As these guys threaten Alice, of course a sexy man comes and saves the day. Jack is 24 and the women drool. Alice can’t figure it out. So she spend more time with him. Meeting his family and they all seem genuinely  in love with her. Peter(Jacks brother) enters the picture and everything just got weird. There is a pull to Peter that she can’t understand, worst of it Jack senses it. 

Finally coming clean they are All Vampires! (Didn’t see that coming,hehe)

This is were it gets good. In some strange universe Alice was meant to be with Peter. Even if she is human. Jack can’t be with Alice because of her and Peters bond. Peter doesn’t want her around. As far as the family goes, they can’t understand why Alice was bound to Peter and they want to figure it out. Like most stories people belong for good reason. Everybody has that ONE person they should spend there life with. Peter has had that with Eliza(whose now dead) but now with Alice he doesn’t get why. PLUS SHE’S HUMAN! Jack doesn’t want to let Alice go cause his feelings intertwine with Peters. And Alice really likes Jack but when Pete is around nothing else matters. 

Who will she end up with if she doesn’t end up dead first. 

Stay tune. Fate (book two is under way) let’s unravel this a bit. 

Aligned with a few tears

Finally finished the fourth book of Ella Miles amazing Aligned series.

Recap of Book 4

Ethan is a rapist and murderer. I seen it coming, but I had to question it myself. Ethan has a history or raping,torturing and killing his female victims. The only reason why he let Alexa live was because she had no memory after the drugs he gave her. So he continually did it.

Caroline is pregnant but it was Drew’s, and NO they didn’t have sex as I assumed before. I will just tell you that it was a very good twist.

Everybody but Ethan survived. Caroline, Alexa, Drew and Landon end up having a happily ever after. And of course I HAD TO CRY.

YOU HAVE TO READ THIS SERIES to get full ending. I’m not gonna spoil it  ALL for you.

Ella Miles has become one of my favorite writers. So much after reading the series she gives you a fifth book. An aftermath kind of thing.

Sorry I won’t blog about it. Because it’s a gift from the writer. And I appreciate everything she has made me read the last few days.

Now get on her site and start reading!!!!

Hello Thursday with a bit of Aligned by Ella Miles

Alexa’s husband is ALIVE! Figured that was coming. And Ethan is not the rapist. Alexa chose Ethan (husband) over hot singer Landon. But it was to be expected she really wants to find out about her past. Still no clarity on that. Ethan is definitely hiding something but probably won’t find out anytime soon

As we read thru book 3. Ethan is basically hiding something. It’s a key. Ethan doesn’t have.  Alexa has hidden it but she can’t remember anything from before the accident. Both are in danger but Ethan try’s to convince her to move back th LA. 

Poor Landon has his own secrets. And to keep them from coming out he decides to marry Caroline. She knows all! But now that Alexa has chosen Ethan Landon thinks it’s best to marry this chick. 

BUT…. as Ethan and Alexa are back in LA, Alexa gets attacked and is back in the hospital..AND while in Hawaii, Caroline is walking down the aisle to marry Landon. Drew gets the call about Alexa dying and Landon walks out of his wedding. 


So at the hospital Landon finally see Alexa alive and kisses her, Ethan walks in on them and the guys fight in ICU. Typical right! Lol. Security comes and takes Landon. Ethan is happy for just a split second until Alexa tells security to take her husband as well. GO ALEXA. Something off about Ethan. 

Oh by the way..

Alexa has asked for a divorce and has rekindled her romance with Landon. Oh yeah! Ethan being the Asshole that he is has a USB with Landon secret. Omg I don’t want her to view it and she doesn’t. At least not yet. 

Caroline is pregnant and it is Landons. Mark my words I have a feeling she is sleeping with his twin brother Drew.
Alexa visits the supposed rapist and finds out she has another USB with everything she knows that is incriminating about the rape and all the attacks. 

By the end of book 3 she’s about to get disturbing recollection of her old life and the new one might just be over before it really Began

Let’s begin book 4

10 yrs later and I’m on mass transit

It’s been about 10 years I have taken any kind of mass transit. I moved to an area in Staten Island which had every bus imaginable near it. When I moved back I wanted to make sure I could get up and go with ease. 

When I was pregnant with my son I would take the express bus back and forth to work. A quick 30 minute ride into the city with no hassle. 

After having my son, lugging a stroller and car seat on to a crowded bus didn’t have the same appeal. So I got a car! Her name was Lola. Thinking about it now I really loved that name. My chiuhuha has been named Lola and I hadn’t had that damn car in 5 years. 

Traffic in New York is bad enough but to drive in it, is so much worse. A 25 minute ride usually can take up to 2 hrs on a regular school day. On a good day about an hour. Coming home at my 12:30, takes only 25 minutes door to door. After 3:00pm could take about an hour. 


This week I am having car trouble. So because it is 6:30 am I have to walk down the block(which is only a few, but at 53 degrees feels a lot colder) to purchase a metro card. 

What ever happen to putting coins in the box. So outdated!! Who would have $6.50 in change lying around. Not me! 

I got exited as I wait for the bus. I get to sit back and read or write on a blog. Which I chose the latter as you see. I’m not worried about traffic or people cutting me off. I think I might just go back to not having to worry. This is so much better. 

Everybody is in there own little world. Not like on a regular city local bus. Which high school kids can be loud and annoying. Everybody reading or listening to music. 

I remember feeling good going to work before my car. Having no worries in a world. I might just have to let this soak in for a few days. At least while my car is getting fixed. 

Aligned with surprises

Here we go again. Ella miles and her tear jerking novels that I can’t seem to put down. I would of started this blog after the first book but NO I can’t put it down. So I just started book 3.  

I’m gonna try to give you a run down. But with Alexa and Landon these two are so complicated. You have to love these characters, I will quote the movie Shrek 

Shrek: Ogres are like onions

Donkey: They stink?

Shrek: Yes. No.

Donkey: Oh, they make you cry.

Shrek: No.

Donkey: Oh, you leave em out in the sun, they get all brown, start sproutin’ little white hairs.

Shrek: No. Layers. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. Onions have layers. You get it? We both have layers.

Donkey: Oh, you both have layers. Oh. You know, not everybody like onions.

Lmfao. These characters have LAYERS. And unlike Ogres you will love everything wrong or right. 

As soon a you get to think you have an idea about what both Alexa and Landon are about it all changes.

First 2 books….

Alexa has some sort of accident which leaves her right leg incapitated. And because of the accident has panic attacks that she can’t handle. Never mind the nightmare she doesn’t understand the meaning. 

 Landon : HOT-guy who lives in Alexa’s building. Really is a rock star with a “girlfriend” Caroline that is or isn’t his girlfriend.Has twin brother Drew which is his manager. 

So before the accident Alexa was married to Ethan who by the way died from the accident. Best part is ALEXA has no memory from before the accident. But as the writer shares her nightmares. I am beginning to believe they are her actual memories. And if that is the case Ethan was VERY abusive. 

Landon is more complicated. We don’t know what kind of relationship Caroline, Drew or himself really have. From the book they all grew up together,but he is lying about it to the press. Caroline has something on him but we don’t know what as of the end of book 2. She allows him to sleep around and even tells Alexa she can have him for one night only. WEIRD. But Landon at this point is over Caroline. 

By the end of the 2 books we know Landon and Alexa are in love and finally have hot steamy sex. Now there are heading to New York City to get some answers about Alexa former life. 

If you want the details of book one and two, you will have to read for yourself. I’m sure enjoying it. You will too!!!

MAYBE….Definitely YES!!!

This morning I finished DEFINITELY YES by Ella Miles, and all I can say is YES YES AND MORE YES.

About a month ago I got an email from Ella asking if I can read and review one of her series. She got my information on Amazon from reviewing other books from other authors. I figured why not. I read a lot as is. Why not read a free book? Of course I emailed her and let her know that I was in the process of reading another author but as soon as I was done I would read her MAYBE SERIES.

Well I finally got to start to read her series and fell in love with Kinsley and Killian. These two main characters had so much to them I couldn’t stop reading. As I reviewed all three stories from the series I realized, I didn’t want the book to end. I emailed and joined her website. To my surprise she sent me another Arc. And it wasn’t just any Arc Kinsley would be in the story.


It is set 10 years after Maybe series. And Kinsley best friend is the Main character, Scarlett. Scarlett is feisty and successful in her own right. She owns her own business for fashion and is a workaholic. She spends her nights at a bar looking for one night stands.

When she receives a text from an unknown number that has her intrigued. She has no clue who he is but she’s not gonna bother with the details. She wants the one night stand and there’s nothing that is going to stop her. Not even if she will never know who this mystery man is. “Beast” is what she will call him and he will sexually take her as a Beast.

All she can think about is her “beast”, but she is now hearing her maternal clock tick. She want to settle down and start a family. This is where Jake comes in. He happens to be an old boyfriend. Scarlett knows she can not be with “beast” so she settles for Jake who proposes 3 days in. And of course Scarlett’s clock is saying YES.

You could only imagine how everything turns out. You would never guess who the Beast is. Definitely one of my top reads. November is coming too slow. I need to read the second book to this series. “Clapping” GREAT JOB intertwining Maybe and Definitely series.

Friday NEVER feel like the end of the week. So lets Rant about Millennials.

I just spent my week working at a job that I have been at for 15 years. I have the best boss and co-workers anybody would be happy to work with. Unfortunately, we have lost 2 employees, both that  made my job a lot easier.  So another co-worker and I have been interviewing and training for the last 2 weeks.

“OH WHAT FUN!”(sarcastically excited)

Not really, from this experience I realize there is a huge difference in Gen X and Millennials, my coworker and I are from Gen X.  Not to give up our ages lets just say we were born somewhere between 1965 to 1984. The ages that have been looking for positions are born after 1991.

I like to think that I am pretty relevant when it comes to knowing music, movies and I can keep up with social media. of course my son doesn’t want to admit I am as cool as I am. HAHA. Then I remember how I felt about my MOM when I was growing up. She used to embarrass us. She even tried using the slang that was used back then,  like “BUTTA” but sounding like she was saying “BUDDAH”.

So while talking to these millennials I realize they are socially inept. They can answer questions because they are highly intelligent, but they don’t know how to carry a conversation.  I am pretty sure it has to do with the fact,  that young adults and kids text or talk on social media.  They rarely have to hold a conversation with others due to this technology (phones and computers. ) Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat make it so easy that all we have to do is take a picture or post what tehy ate today.

What would really happen if the world went dark. How would these millennials make it in the world with out some app telling what time a bus would come? What would they do if they couldn’t send a text to breakup with their boyfriend/girlfriend?  How would they research WWII with out Wikipedia? Do these kids even know what an encyclopedia is?

In the next 20 years what else will be irrelevant? I am guessing my BLOG. HAHAHAHA