Bad Nanny <3 CM Stunich

Xpresso has done it again!!!
~Sensual, Hot and definitely a page turner. 

This is an Adult erotica. No kids allowed 🙈🙉🙊. Unless you are hiring Zayden as a tattooed pierced like God as a nanny. For us middle aged mothers, we would love to just stare/gawk or stalk at a God like creature walking or jogging past us, with our little runts in tow. 

Suckered by his brother to stay with his 4 nieces and nephews for 2 weeks in his awful childhood town. Driving 14 hrs from Vegas and he knows this is the worst idea EVER. He doesn’t want kids. All he wants if life is to pierce woman’s Nipples and Fuck, Fuck and play video games. 

Brooke falls basically in Zayden’s lap. Brooke has her own issues. Her sister is a drug addict with 2 daughter when she ups and leaves for Brooke to raise her 2 girls. Brooke’s parent are on vacation but they wouldn’t be able to take care of 2 young girls. Her mothers age and her father Alzheimer’s. 

Brooke needs to work to support her nieces. And desperately in need of a Nanny. Zayden a sucker for a beautiful girl ends up being her Nanny. Between his 4 kids and her 2 kids, 4 ugly rat dogs and a ugly hairless cat. WHAT CAN REALLY GO WRONG!!!

Best part was wondering how this was going to become erotic with that many kids at a time. Damn it is was HOT! Sexy! Erotic! And had my knees weak with need of some good loving. 

CM Stunich might be my go to writer when I need a little more that excitement. 


Ella gave me TOO MUCH

Another successful story!! sent me another Arc. 

Oh what a great experience as usual. This time was different!!

 Does anybody remember the 2000 movie Momento starring Guy Pearce and Carrie-Anne Moss. The end of the story was in the beginning and the beginning was at the end. It was a pure mind fuck, and yet so satisfying to watch. 

This is like the same. The story starts from the present. Then unfolds backwards. As I read this story it just amazed me how everything connected so perfectly. 

I am wondering if Ms Ella wrote the end first and the beginning last or Visa Versa. 

Quinn and Hunter are far from your usually characters that are just plain sexy and get together. They have so much back story that it melts your heart. 

Definitely a recommended book.