Whiskey Burned

Blizzard of 2017, got a new Arc from Jessalyn Jameson. Needed a new read while waiting for the storm to end. 

Ehh, thank god it was just an arc. As much as I loved the back story of Jake and TB. I was expecting a lot more sex. Well it is in an eroctica romance. And yet I had to wait until the very end to get an extremely great sex scene. The stupid monologue in between sex I couldn’t bare any longer. 

I couldn’t wait for this book to end. The romance of it was thoughtful. I enjoyed reading most of the drama that was going between the characters.  Just the over the top jealously issues Jake had with his closest friends was annoying.

Love makes people do the darnest  things.   Falling in love with your dead best friends little sister I get. Being a dick to your other alive best friend not so much. 

What the hell was with the damn whiskey. Was she taking shots of to prepare herself for Jake. Smh. 

I have to give Jessalyn another shot. Hopefully her next book will be a better read. 

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