I am a thinker not a writer 

Today I just check my comments  good, bad, ugly and the non English comments.

I didn’t even realize people were actually reading my blog. Haha. Jokes on me!

I appreciate all the comments. I just need to let some readers know:


I am a thinker and a reader. This blog is not to dissect a book. That would give up the chance for others to actually read the material I have wrote about. I do get over excited at times. A slip of the tongue (some would say) to give a little more details, but I write to recommend.  Not to spoil the whole book for actual readers.

This blog is only about my thoughts on what I’m reading. Or a once in awhile rant about everyday things.

With that being said

Kristina Weaver is on my Hot to read list. Amazon has most of her series for free. You can get a 5 book series for $0. Who doesn’t love a free book. (Not an advertisement 😂)

Next entry will be about Lane brothers. https://www.amazon.com/LANE-BROTHERS-Billionaire-Romance-Bundle-ebook/dp/B01IDNRKB2/ref=la_B01AHWAF7S_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1487330559&sr=1-3

Link above will have you reading what I am reading for a few day.


I erased  a really good blog 

Only I can erase a really good blog by accident. 

It Kind of went like this(erased blog was so much better)


I’m a reader and a thinker. I read comments this morning that I did not know I even had. Lol. Most were good some were not great (but I appreciate the criticism) some were in different languages. 

I have always ranted and rambled but never in writing. This blog is to help me remember what I have read and remind me that I enjoyed reading the books that I have read.  I READ ALOT. I don’t know if any of my followers realized that yet. 

As my son turns 11 years old next month I realize he has the same issue. He reads and reads and understands everything he reads. And when you ask him about his reading he can tell a story like no other. Problem is just like me he cannot explain things on paper. Our writing does not express what we have read. 

So this blog was to help me explain stories I have read and to try to explain why I like/unlike the books I read. This is not a blog to give spoilers or even meant to be read by others. I made this blog for me and family and friends to explain what I am reading. 

I am overjoyed that people other than family are taking the time to read my entries. And I really do love the comments even if some are very harsh. 

Please keep in mind this was to show my son that anything is possible. That there are outlets to help you with your issues in life. Even if it’s just me ranting about the nothingness going on. I’m writing on a regular basis and maybe one day I will be able to write a book. But for now I love reading and thinking. 
If anybody wants a good read. 

Kristina Weaver box sets are free on Amazon kindle. Hot and Sexy if you read previous blogs. 

Ella Miles has streetteam.ellamiles.com which allows you to read her stories before going live. 

Last but not least

HM Ward is my favorite writer and her stories are out of this world. Any thing written of Ferro can melt your panties. 

Enjoy your weekend.


Kristina Weaver to past the time

Needed an easy read to pass the time away between ARC’s. Went through Amazon collection and came upon THE NAUGHTY ONE: The complete 5 Book series. 

I will REPEAT I just wanted an EASY READ. 

BUT……Kristina Weaver gave me so much more. 

Let me first tell you it is so-sexy and hot I needed to read all of these stories after the first story came to an end. 

WHY you ask?

The stories are based on 5 friends. Callie, Lucie, Dot, Percy and my favorite India. Each one has their own sex fueled love affair. They have been friends since elementary school and each have had their own issues growing up. Raised by Callie’s grandma Gruffy (I wish my own grandma was this freaking cool)

First let’s start with Callie since her book is first. One night stand and a YouTube video. The woman ends up pregnant. Yup all because of a one night stand. Will she get the man. Oh yes. Jack will be with her in no time. 

Lucie and Freddie definitely a match and quadruplets later. 

My poor Dot. Has to get her man Paul who has a house in Wyoming.  She a rock star and makes sure her cowboy is in the rodeo. (Not literally) but she definitely love to ride his horse😜. 

Percy has a love from her past Markus. She has 5 different guys for everyday of the week. When she realizes all she wants is this man. Who she believes has abandon her in college. 

India. My poor beautiful India. Woody doesn’t even realize she exists. Until she makes it hard for him to live with out her. 

Sex in all 5 books is hot. Makes you throb a little while reading. Making me feel a little Naughty myself. Wish I could write my own Naughty book. Would definitely have a few stories of my own Naughty click. Changing names would be easy but would Angelise, Melanie, Dana and Lisa like me to write about there sex and love life.

It would be a best seller. I’d call it:



If you have a Naughty in you or even know a Naughty this is a must read. 

Reaper’s Claim by Simone Elise

Inkett’s David Jolly has emailed me again regarding another Arc. 

Remember “I was a bitch”. Read it a few months ago. It started off well but then sank like the TITANIC. Jolly sent me a pack of skittles just because I reviewed honestly. Who could say no to colorful yumminess.  So with that I agreed to read this Reaper Claim. 

I’m a motorcycle bitch at the end of each day. I have my own pink cut to prove it.  So this story would be interesting just to read. 

Well well well. I am 75% into this book and the story is amazing!! Love hate death. I can’t put it down. I actually had to put myself on a time out. 

Abby and Kim are twins to Roach Satan Son’s President. They grew up in the biker life. So it only means there will be trouble. And trouble there is. The twins fall hard for club members. Abby with the Reaper aka Kade. Kim with Trigger. 

This story really is about Abby and Kade. Their back and forth with one another.  But it feel so real. Any body that have truly be in love could feel and understand what these 2 lost souls are going through. 

I really won’t spoil this book. But at about 75% I was literally crying  Took a day to recover.  I had to finish reading it. 

Finally finished! Great book. With no complete ending. Which makes you want more. Simone Elise what a great book. Hope the next book come soon. Need more of Kade and Abby. 

I am recommending this book. Only faults in it was the editing. Can somebody please edit this damn book. Trent went to Brent early on into the book. Lots of grammical and spelling errors also. Drove me nuts

Also,I believe this can be a series kind of thing instead of one long 101 chapter kind of book. Break in down to 3/4 books. We would buy the series regardless. But with everything going on in the same story it would be easier to read a book at a time.