H.M. Ward ARC’s are amazing! (No spoilers)

Got a new arc from one of my favorite authors. I love that H.M. Ward, connects with her fans. Her ARC’s  are not just to an early releases of her books. But she lets her ARC reader help with her last minute edits. She is a facebook queen. Over the last few months I have joined her groups and chatted with mostly ladies that have the same love of her work. 

With all the ARC’s I have been getting from her you would think I wouldn’t purchase her books when they came available. That’s just it, I love seeing the new edits. I love purchasing her signed copies.  I love that she is human and she can chat with us  like she wasn’t on the 

New York Times best selling list

 Over the last few  years of reading every one of her stories I think she is amazing. All women in her stories are strong and all the men are Hot. Either it is a stand alone or a series you are reading. You will not want to put it down. 

As I finish my last arc from this amazing author. It just reminds me why I love her. 

One thought on “H.M. Ward ARC’s are amazing! (No spoilers)”

  1. Y la que puedo armar si algún día empiezo a meter datos y escribir mis cosneusionlc.Por cierto, no te fies mucho de la tal Marga. Yo la conozco y es una mala madre de cuidado y peor pareja.

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