Swear the end sucked

Finally finished the last installment of Amanda Hocking my blood approve series. 

What a disappointment!!!

I really just hoped I outgrew her writing. I remember loving all her stories so much. But rereading the series it just bothered me more to read it. 

This last book just dragged and the editing was horrible. I think she needs to do arcs for her fans because I think she would get a lot of input from us. 

Jack has no soul, Elise haunting Alice’s dreams and Dracula. Ugh so much going on. I just wished Peter had a better story line. Not to mention HE KILLED HIMSELF.

Hocking just wanted an end to the series and so did I. That’s what makes it worse. There was no real thought for then. And having to wait so long to get I thought she would of left it with a BANG!

The story concept in the first few books were good. Blood bonding between Alice and Peter. And her wanting to be with jack. It made a good story. If we would of found out that Jack was blood bond to someone else in the last book. That would of made a great story. 

I was gonna reread all her series and even purchase her next book FREAKS. But I’m so disappointed that I have to give up on Amanda. Maybe someday I will read the other series but for now, She’s on time out.  

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