Happy Monday with a little bit of Hocking

So quite a few years back, True Blood, Twilight, Vampire diaries or really anything Vampire was a what most people were reading or watching. Ages from Tweens to people in there 40’s that was the kind of time we were living in. 

The stories are always the same, Hot vampire guy and normal human girl. They fall in love and usually(not Always,Snooki was a fairy) the girl was turned to a vampire eventually of course. 

So as I have some time to read a few of my older books, I figured why not go back to reading Amanda Hocking. She was my first real paranormal writer that I loved. And since she has a new book coming out for My blood approves, I figured I would reread the series as a refresher course before the new book comes out. 

As I settle in to read, I remember some of the story and the characters. But I really don’t remember the little details. 

Alice -17 yr old high school student brother is Milo. Jane happens to be her chatty, slutty best friend.  Alice and Jane try to get into clubs and when they can’t they call it a night. As they walk onto the dark streets of Minneapolis they are being chased by a group of guys. As these guys threaten Alice, of course a sexy man comes and saves the day. Jack is 24 and the women drool. Alice can’t figure it out. So she spend more time with him. Meeting his family and they all seem genuinely  in love with her. Peter(Jacks brother) enters the picture and everything just got weird. There is a pull to Peter that she can’t understand, worst of it Jack senses it. 

Finally coming clean they are All Vampires! (Didn’t see that coming,hehe)

This is were it gets good. In some strange universe Alice was meant to be with Peter. Even if she is human. Jack can’t be with Alice because of her and Peters bond. Peter doesn’t want her around. As far as the family goes, they can’t understand why Alice was bound to Peter and they want to figure it out. Like most stories people belong for good reason. Everybody has that ONE person they should spend there life with. Peter has had that with Eliza(whose now dead) but now with Alice he doesn’t get why. PLUS SHE’S HUMAN! Jack doesn’t want to let Alice go cause his feelings intertwine with Peters. And Alice really likes Jack but when Pete is around nothing else matters. 

Who will she end up with if she doesn’t end up dead first. 

Stay tune. Fate (book two is under way) let’s unravel this a bit. 

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