Aligned with a few tears

Finally finished the fourth book of Ella Miles amazing Aligned series.

Recap of Book 4

Ethan is a rapist and murderer. I seen it coming, but I had to question it myself. Ethan has a history or raping,torturing and killing his female victims. The only reason why he let Alexa live was because she had no memory after the drugs he gave her. So he continually did it.

Caroline is pregnant but it was Drew’s, and NO they didn’t have sex as I assumed before. I will just tell you that it was a very good twist.

Everybody but Ethan survived. Caroline, Alexa, Drew and Landon end up having a happily ever after. And of course I HAD TO CRY.

YOU HAVE TO READ THIS SERIES to get full ending. I’m not gonna spoil it  ALL for you.

Ella Miles has become one of my favorite writers. So much after reading the series she gives you a fifth book. An aftermath kind of thing.

Sorry I won’t blog about it. Because it’s a gift from the writer. And I appreciate everything she has made me read the last few days.

Now get on her site and start reading!!!!

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