Hello Thursday with a bit of Aligned by Ella Miles

Alexa’s husband is ALIVE! Figured that was coming. And Ethan is not the rapist. Alexa chose Ethan (husband) over hot singer Landon. But it was to be expected she really wants to find out about her past. Still no clarity on that. Ethan is definitely hiding something but probably won’t find out anytime soon

As we read thru book 3. Ethan is basically hiding something. It’s a key. Ethan doesn’t have.  Alexa has hidden it but she can’t remember anything from before the accident. Both are in danger but Ethan try’s to convince her to move back th LA. 

Poor Landon has his own secrets. And to keep them from coming out he decides to marry Caroline. She knows all! But now that Alexa has chosen Ethan Landon thinks it’s best to marry this chick. 

BUT…. as Ethan and Alexa are back in LA, Alexa gets attacked and is back in the hospital..AND while in Hawaii, Caroline is walking down the aisle to marry Landon. Drew gets the call about Alexa dying and Landon walks out of his wedding. 


So at the hospital Landon finally see Alexa alive and kisses her, Ethan walks in on them and the guys fight in ICU. Typical right! Lol. Security comes and takes Landon. Ethan is happy for just a split second until Alexa tells security to take her husband as well. GO ALEXA. Something off about Ethan. 

Oh by the way..

Alexa has asked for a divorce and has rekindled her romance with Landon. Oh yeah! Ethan being the Asshole that he is has a USB with Landon secret. Omg I don’t want her to view it and she doesn’t. At least not yet. 

Caroline is pregnant and it is Landons. Mark my words I have a feeling she is sleeping with his twin brother Drew.
Alexa visits the supposed rapist and finds out she has another USB with everything she knows that is incriminating about the rape and all the attacks. 

By the end of book 3 she’s about to get disturbing recollection of her old life and the new one might just be over before it really Began

Let’s begin book 4

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