Omg it only took me ALLLLL day to set up

Woke up this morning with a hundred things running through my mind. Should I blog should I not? Who wants to read another person on the internet giving opinions or their thoughts on life. Not to mention all the celebrity gossip. Like OMG KIM got robbed and tied up, maybe the hotel set it up. I know! Sounds stupid to me too.

What I did realize I READ ALOT. I mean I really read. I love to read. And recently I have had authors emailing me to read there books and give an honest review for Amazon. So of course I accepted. As I am a really good speed reader I can also find mistake easier than most. Problem is once I read,I don’t stop and by the time I am finish with the book I have to review which ends up being a few sentences long oppose to what I have read in 2/3 days.  You know the basic sum up.

Authors such as HM Ward, Ella Miles and Amanda Hocking need our reviews for other readers to want to read their books.  My reviews have been dull which is weird because I really enjoy books.


As a young girl my reading wasn’t as it was today I couldn’t keep the information in my head long enough to answer the questions that came after. School test in elementary school I remember reading over and over and still not being able to understand what I was reading.  As I went to high school I had a teacher explain that when I read I need to picture it in my head as if it was a movie I was watching. She handed me a Mary Higgins Clark book and I was hooked.


Okay okay, when I read in high school as soon as I finished reading for that day I had to summarize ALL that I had read everyday no matter what. By the time I finished reading the book I had a full book report.

Some people were blessed with Awesome writing abilities. Me not so much.

So this blog is for ME! I love to read I love the stories. I love these authors who trust me to read and review their books(which are their souls on paper) I want to give them the same by blogging the chapters that I read on a daily basis. They deserve a real review not a lame few sentences cause I can’t remember ALL THE DETAILS from nights before.

Love me or leave me. This is something I needed to do.


Thank you for reading my first official rant. I am a blogger (dancing up and down) woohoo

One thought on “Omg it only took me ALLLLL day to set up”

  1. Multumesc, Anca! Te rog sa nu te superi, dar nu pot duce premiul mai departe, am scris despre asta de cateva ori, am si pus un logo in stanga susay.sorr.Mih.ela, cine stie, candva, odata, canc va vroi ea sa apara 😉

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