I was a bitch…. sounds familiar

Last week I got an email from David Jolly, book marketing guy.  He asked if I would like to read a romance novel and of course I said sure.  I was a bitch!!! By Emily Ruben.  I thought it was a joke. Until I got another email giving a gift card for the book to download from Amazon.

Before reading of course I tried to look this David guy up. Ehhh didn’t last long. Figured might as well read it. If the book was bad it was free and I’m not any contract to have to read it or be nice.

Maybe I WAS A BITCH??? Lol

So I settle in and start to read…

To my surprise it didn’t start like most romance novels. Boy meets girl, girl too strong minded but still let’s boy (with mama issues) run her life. You know usual romance.

Lacey (our main character) goes unconscious, yup straight off the bat. Girl down, girl down!! Hmmm  definitely did not see that coming. She wakes up to a room full of people, you know where? You guessed it…A HOSPITAL. Shocked right? Not really. I know but that’s where it gets weird. Not only is she in the hospital but she finds out she’s been in a coma for 2 months. As the doctor checks in with her and ask her questions. She not only lost 2 months in a coma but she has a memory loss for 2 years.

Beautiful friends Mel and Claire,  model look alike boyfriend, Derek and a “best friend/ god of a man” Finn ,that she can’t remember. What is a girl to do? Lie,  yes that will work! At least it sounds good right? Ummm the jury is still out on that one.

While her memories are gone she tries to get clues about the last 2 years. It seems like everybody but Finn has secrets . While reading this I am loving Finn, I am just hoping he’s not the one with the biggest secret to break Lacey’s heart.

It has become clear that Lacey’s 2 year memory loss might be a really good thing. She was a Total Queen Bitch. As her flash backs are going in and out  she even despised her bitch self most of the time. She was using her useless boyfriend who cheated on her. She is in love with Finn and her parents separated.

I am sitting here imagining waking up to not knowing what happen the last 2 years. Don’t know if I could of played it off so well. In my reality I AM A BITCH . Don’t think 2 years would of changed me.  We will have to see how this all plays out.

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